Gardenscapes Tips

Gardenscapes Tips

Use These Gardenscapes Tips To Boost Your Game!

  • In the beginning of the Match-3 Level, if you do not like the tile where the Booster has landed, and you have not yet made any moves then you can simply exit the level. To exit, you need to click the Settings icon and exit. This will save your Boosters as well as Lives and let you play the same level again.
  • Ensure that you login to the game every single day for earning Daily Bonus. These bonuses are in the form of Coins, Boosters, etc. So, earn them daily as they will be very helpful later to beat the advanced stages of the game.
  • Add as many friends as you can on Facebook because they will be able to give you some extra lives, which will be extremely helpful when you run out of five lives.
  • Keep in mind the task that has been allotted to you in a particular level and try to stick to it. For instance, if your task is to collect butterflies, then do not waste time in destroying other tiles on the grid.
  • Play strategically and carefully. The higher levels of the game will give limited amount of moves so if you do not plan your steps, you will never be able to beat the level.
  • Try to make more of vertical matches or matches that are close to the bottom of the grid. This will create more room for new pieces to fall and enhance your chances of clearing the levels.
  • Try to match the same type of tiles on the grid so that you can create power-ups.
  • To beat the timed levels, create as many matches as you can so that you can acquire automatic matches.
  • When you fail to complete a level, you will be suggested to purchase extra moves by spending 900 Coins. However, instead of spending the in-game currencies; just try to play the level all over again. This will help in saving some currencies.
  • As soon as you are introduced to an unlocked Booster, it will force you to use it. However, you should resist your temptation and uncheck it. Later on, you can make use of the Booster to beat the tricky levels of the game.
  • If you are unable to get Lives from any sources and are falling short of it, then just wait for some time! Lives will get regenerated over time.

Gardenscapes Tips for difficult levels

  • To clear Level 29, focus on generating as many Bombs as possible. You are supposed to move 6 lemonades to the bottom of the field as quickly as possible. Remember that there will only be 4 lemonades on the grid at a time. So, you must eliminate one of them before the other one appears. Try combining power-ups to create the Rainbow blast so that you can clear the grid effectively.
  • If you are stuck at Level 43, then try to break the main obstacle of the level, which is Chains. Destroy the upper chains that are on both sides of the grid. Then, fill the bottom of the field with pieces that have lot of space for further actions. Next, destroy the Chains that are at the bottom of the field. Chains in the center of the grid are a bit tough to break, so you should make use of Power-ups for destroying them. Once done, try to make lemonades appear by destroying several tiles on the grid. Move to the bottom of the field as fast as you can. Make use of power-ups and auto-matches to help you out.
  • If you are stuck at Level 70 then aim for the six flowerbeds in the middle of the water. Do not bother about the flowerbeds that are in the corners of the grid. Ignore the leaves until you have caught at least 27 of the flowers.
  • To beat Level 75, try using a Rainbow Blast on the acorns or the blueberries.

So, avail the aforesaid tips , also combine with our Gardenscapes Cheats and have a wonderful gaming experience while playing Gardenscapes: New Acres!

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