Gardenscapes New Acres Guide – Coins And Stars !

Gardenscapes New Acres Guide – Coins And Stars !

Gardenscapes New Acres Guide – Coins And Stars !

Hello guys, congratulations on trying out our Gardenscapes New Acres Hack, to begin with I want to inform you that generation process may be longer than you expected, so if you don’t receive resources after 1-2 hours, I suggest you to try again after 24hours. This is because most of the people doesn’t follow steps properly on the first time and after second attempt they successfully complete everything. Until then, we are giving away for free some simple but useful tricks and tips on how to get Coins and Stars without cheating.


Gardenscapes New Acres is a fun match-3 puzzle game in which you can create your own garden. Stars and Coins are the two in-game currencies, which are difficult to procure. As you reach new levels in the game, you earn Stars that can be spent on cleaning up the numerous gardens around. Stars can also be used for installing benches, fixing the tree house, etc.

The only way to earn Stars is by completing match-3 levels as you can earn one Star for every level completed. Coins can be accrued slowly by completing the in-game activities and can be used for buying power-ups. Players usually end up buying the currencies by using real money. However, if you want to obtain Stars and Coins without spending your hard-earned money, then keep reading! Our guide will help you out!

Gardenscapes New Acres Guide – Get Coins and Stars!

  • A free spin is available every single day so don’t miss that. These spins offer several rewards like some coins or a free power-up booster. So, even if you don’t have time to play the game every day, it’s advisable to spare a minute and spin the wheel.
  • Try to procure all Coins available in each level as there is no way to play a previous level.
  • If you have lots of moves left in a particular level, then you can earn bonus Coins as a reward.
  • Another way to earn Coins is through bonuses that you will get by completing the garden-renovating tasks.
  • If you come across an option to watch a 30 second trailer for Playrix Games then go for it! You can earn around 100 coins for watching a single trailer.
  • Connect to Facebook and earn some Coins. Make lots of friends too as they can help you out with the game.


So, save your money and start using our Gardenscapes New Acres Coins and Stars guide right away!


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