Gardenscapes Guide

Gardenscapes Guide

A Comprehensive Gardenscapes Guide Currency And Boosters!

Coins and Stars are the two vital currencies of Gardenscapes: New Acres game. Without these currencies, you will not be able to succeed in the game. Read on our Gardenscapes guide, to know more about these currencies as well as Boosters and Power-ups, which are important items of the game!

Gardenscapes Guide – Why Do You Need Coins?

Coins are the primary in-game currency of Gardenscapes: New Acres. You will require Coins for several reasons in the game. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Buying Boosters
  • Refilling Lives
  • Enhancing the speed for completing timed tasks in the garden
  • Purchasing extra moves
  • Buying additional time for completing levels

How To Earn Coins?

  • When you complete a Match-3 level, you earn Coins as a reward.
  • As soon as a day gets over in the game, you will earn several Coins.
  • By restoring certain areas in the garden, you will get rewards in the form of Coins.
  • By signing into the game every day, you earn Coins as a prize by spinning the Wheel.
  • When you help in-game characters in completing some of their tasks, they can give you Coins as a token of gratitude.
  • If you are lucky enough, you may find some Coins in the garden while restoring it.
  • When you upgrade the game, you earn Coins.
  • Coins can be purchased by spending real world money.
  • Use our Gardenscapes Hack to generate them.

To buy currencies from the game by spending real money, you need to click the Coin icon that is on the top left corner of the screen. Select the amount of Coins that you want to purchase. Choose the appropriate method of payment like Credit Card, PayPal, etc. Fill in the details that are necessary for proceeding with the payment and then confirm your purchase. Instantly, the required amount of Coins will be credited to your gaming account.


Stars are the special currency of the game, which are extremely difficult to acquire by using traditional gaming methods. When you complete a level in Gardenscapes game, you can earn one or two Stars, which is certainly very low. Stars have to be used in performing various tasks. Stars can be generated with our Gardenscapes cheats also.

At some advanced levels, you will even come across tasks where you can start a new day only by spending few Stars. You will also require Stars for petty tasks such as opening a package, answering the door, etc. This is the reason; most of the gamers spend real world money on buying virtual currencies like Stars and Coins.


Boosters are special power-ups that you can purchase by spending in-game currencies or real currencies. The Boosters can be bought right before you begin with a level in the game. You can even receive Boosters as a reward when you complete a day in the game or can be earned by completing special events. Moreover, you can also win Boosters as a prize from the Lucky Spin.

Some of the Boosters that are available in the game are Rainbow Blast, Double Blast, Shovel, etc. Among the various Boosters, Shovels are the most helpful ones. With the help of this Booster, you can eliminate a tile or layer of any obstacle easily. Shovel is the only Boosters that can be purchased or selected in the middle of a level. Using it is simple; just tap the Shovel icon and click the obstacle that you want to destroy!


There are six different power-ups available in the game; namely, Bomb, Firecracker, Dynamite, TNT, Lawnmower, and Rainbow Blast. When you acquire any of these power-ups in the game, the chances of beating a tough level increases considerably. So, make use of our guide and enhance your Gardenscapes game completely!

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