Daily Gardenscapes Bonus And Lives

Daily Gardenscapes Bonus And Lives

Daily Gardenscapes Bonus And Lives: The Two Important Features

Daily Bonus:

Daily Bonus is a vital aspect of the game. You usually get Daily Bonus at midnight on your local time. Or, can acquire it in later part of the day from Einar. Einar is the gaming character who is the owner of the Lucky Spin. You can find the Lucky Spin icon on the left-hand side of the screen. When you tap it, a Daily Bonus window will pop up. You just need to spin the Wheel and then tap ‘stop’ to acquire your reward.

Some of the items that you can get as reward in Spin of Wheel are Coins and Boosters. Some lucky gamers even end up acquiring the Jackpot as the prize, which will reward you with several freebies. So, make sure that you acquire the Daily Bonus everyday and earn rewards. However, you can acquire the Daily Bonus only once in a day and uncollected rewards are not accumulated. So, even if you are busy, simply login daily to the game for few minutes to acquire the bonus rewards. If you are too lazy to look for bonuses simply check our Gardenscapes Hack.

Acquiring Lives:

You can easily get more lives through your Facebook friends. However, you need to connect your game through Facebook so that you can send and receive lives from friends. To increase the number of gaming friends, you can invite other pals on Facebook by clicking the Lives icon on the upper left corner of the screen. Remember that the friend invitation tab will open only once every day. Try adding new friends every single day so that you can acquire several lives at the time of need.

How To Acquire Lives Through Facebook?

You need to click the Lives icon on the screen to get more Lives through Facebook. Once clicked, you will get three options: refill lives, send lives, ask for lives. As you need more lives, click the ‘ask for lives’ icon. A window will pop up, that will show the list of your friends on Facebook who play Gardenscapes: New Acres game. You can either select few friends by clicking on their name or tap on ‘select all’ to choose all friends from the list.

A few aspects to remember here are that you can send and receive only one life from a particular friend. Moreover, you cannot send Coins, Stars, or any other item except Lives through Facebook. Now that you know how to acquire Lives and Daily Bonus; use them and have a great gameplay.

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