Characters Of Gardenscapes

Characters Of Gardenscapes

Characters Of Gardenscapes Game!

There are several gaming characters in Gardenscapes: New Acres game. Listed below is brief information on some of them that will keep you busy in the game:


Austin, the butler is the leading character of the game Gardenscapes: New Acres as well as its sequel Homescapes. He is a very kind and loyal person. In Gardenscapes: New Acres game, he works very hard from morning to night and completes the various tasks that are been provided to him, that’s why you may need the help of our Gardenscapes Hack. His main motive in the game is to build a huge and beautiful garden by completing numerous missions and challenges that comes across him.

William And Olivia:

William is Austin’s dad and Olivia is his mom. Both of them have a trivial appearance in the Gardenscapes: New Acres game. However, in Homescapes game they have a key appearance.

Robbie Woods:

Robbie Woods is Austin’s very good friend. His father was a carpenter and Robbie carries the same legacy of his father. He fixes all things that are mentioned by Austin like building a new tree house.


Katherine and Austin are good friends and they know each other since they were in high school. However, they rarely meet in the game. Once she finds a cat on the street and assuming that it is Austin’s cat, she knocks on his door.

Martha Goodwill:

Martha Goodwill is a 60 years old inspector in Gardenscapes: New Acres game. She gives the dog to Austin after inspecting the mansion.

Einar Davidsson:

Einar Davidsson is the owner of the Lucky Wheel. He is the person who drives everywhere in the game and drops by for giving Good Luck with his Lucky Spin. In the game, he saved the town from getting bankrupt. He has even performed a show for them. In order to thank Einar, the people give him the wheel as a gift.

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